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Undyne the Undying (Sombertale, 201X Character)
Undyne is hot on the kids' trail, and tries to slash at Eli. However, Frisk stop her and hits her with a weapon by mistake. She evolves slowly into her final form through pure DETERMINATION and is ready for Frisk's next move. 
So, the weirdest thing happened when I fell asleep tonight...

Well, at first, everything was normal. I was watching Doug Walker and his brother, Rob, talk about a film and finished up the vid I was watching. I closed the laptop, slipped on my nightgown, crawled under the covers, and closed my eyes. 

That's when shit started to get strange.

Immediately, I saw a white face with his right eye shut and his left eye opened, both carrying slits at the tops and bottoms of both. It had a calm grin on its face and a cool demeanor as it just sat there. I knew exactly who he was: the nefarious man who speaks in hands: W.D. Gaster. This was very strange, as this has never occurred before. However, his little visit wasn't going to be forgettable. Instead, he wanted to make sure his appearance was REMEMBERED. 

Before I knew it, his face started to get creepier, with his eyes widening into black voids with dots of beady white that pierced my very soul, and his mouth started to grow into a twisted, melting grin that wouldn't leave. This continued for several minutes as the face grew more and more demented. Then, for a brief moment... it stopped. But, that's when shit started to get worse.

After his arrival and the warped face, I could've sworn that he was tugging at my soul, trying to do... something with it. But then, I felt the worst part of the journey... every part of my existence felt like it was being scattered across time and space, to millions of different versions of myself. And every time I visited these worlds, my soul felt like it was that much closer to being removed from my body and just... shattering to mere oblivion... 

At the very climax of this, I could've sworn I heard a faint, but very distinct cackle from Gaster himself, as if he was enjoying my suffering, as if... he had planned this... for any point I had tried to figure him out...

After several hours of this, I finally woke up, back in my bed, short of breath, and feeling very violated. I felt like fluid was flowing out of my head, as if I had been dying. I didn't dare try to fall asleep again, not for a little while, as I was afraid this might've continued, but this time... he would get me, and I will die. 

So, I'm just sitting in my bed, pondering what the hell this could all mean. I had started to remember that I had nearly cracked the mystery of how Gaster may have vanished in the True Lab, which was about the point I fell asleep... could this have been his way of making himself known? That he was alive and well, and didn't want his secret to be revealed? If so... I have one warning for any person foolish enough to dive into this mystery. Do not try to figure out his secrets. If you get close, he will come. He will find you. And he will make you feel his curse... 

Always heed the ferryman's warning: 'Beware the man who speaks in hands'...


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Avery Williams
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Heyo! I'm a trans gal named Avery who just wants to spread joy through my art. I'm big into video games, especially Undertale, cartoons like MLP and Danny Phantom, and lots more!


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